Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The garden is growing and my fabric dresser gets 'cedar'

The garden is doing great! The plants are happy and the seeds are all sprouting. The flowers in the pots look very pretty and make me smile.

Beautiful Lantana Bandana flowers

Spinach is popping up

Green beans galore :)

Sunflowers planted between the Brussels sprouts

Sugar snap peas emerging from my lovely dirt

My fabric dresser was emptied and my lovely future son-in-law installed cedar planking at the bottom of all the drawers. Sweet smelling cedar and all my wools are now ├╝ber protected from rotten little buggies that potentially eat holes in my lovely woolens.

The pile of fashion fabric from my dresser

The cedar lining now in my fabric dresser

My current project, a printed slinky knit being turned into a cardigan. McCalls 6208 supposed to be an Easy pattern. Not difficult but... Not an easy pattern and whichever designer decided a knit can be made into this pattern was crazy, maybe if it was a complete minimal 2% stretch from spandex added to a woven it may work... Needless to say, I had to make some modifications to make it all work and it seems to be sort of working out. I'll keep trying.

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