Monday, July 16, 2012


My summertime is flying by! I realized yesterday that it has been over a month since my last post.... Bad me.

Life has been busy. Busy working in the yard and the garden, busy having some staycation time, busy with the 4th of July, very busy with work. I took a couple weeks off mid-june from the sewing studio just because I wanted to focus on outdoor projects without feeling too pulled in multiple directions. Recently I have been busy with some DIY wedding projects, some home dec projects (new placemats for my table and some for a birthday gift for someone special) and a fun summer dye project that I am having fun playing with.

Placemats with prairie points, something fun :)

This picture makes the placemat look totally wonky... I swear it's not. Perfectly straight and beautiful. I thinks the way the light and flash reflected off the crown pearl rayon makes things look funny.

Outdoor report:
The yard is a battle to keep watered. We are in the midst of a multi week heat wave/drought. Most lawns around us are dry and brown, including my front lawn. Our shade garden which is losing its shade from a dyeing tree overhead has just been burnt crispy.

My veggie garden is looking beautiful. I have been having to run the sprinkle for an hour every morning just to keep up with this brutal weather.

The bunnies have been giving me a hard time. A second layer of rabbit fence has recently been added and I think the destruction has stopped. Only time will tell, they are crafty little buggers! They have eaten all my spinach and lettuce, a bunch of green beans and sugar snap peas. I think it is earliest enough in the season to re-plant the snap peas and beans.

My future son-in-law has been hard at work on a fountain project in the yard. This is a works in progress and I am looking forward to seeing the final project. I love hearing the water tinkling and flowing.

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