Wednesday, July 25, 2012

More on quilting with the serger

I did another set of quilt blocks on the serger, these ones turned out even better than the first ones. I had no idea that I could be this accurate with piecing on my serger!

I took a couple of notes and pics to share with you. ( and also as a future reference for my self!)

A couple things to note:

- I tested my cutting width from knife edge to left needle and found the perfect setting for me that is a scant 1/4 inch. On my evolution when using a 4 thread overlock stitch it should be set to M. I do not use the knife to cut, just trim any stray hairs and as a guide.

- I put on the clear foot. Really helped to see when I was piecing the smaller pieces.

- I only finger pressed in between chain piecing. Partly due to me wanting to be faster (laziness :) and secondly because pressing bias grain cut pieces can distort them if not careful.

I am hoping to get the last set of blocks done tonight and then onto the tedious trimming of the blocks and then more fun of sewing them together!

*** and yes... I finally figured out how to make my pictures bigger form my iPad app!

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