Monday, July 30, 2012

English Paper Piecing... The 1 inch hexagons continue!

My English Paper Piecing (EPP) project continues. I believe it will continue on for a good year or more! I would love to turn this project into a king size quilt to snuggle under some day.

I now have an entire 20 flowers finished. With a new set getting ready to be started. Sometimes I feel like I should be making faster progress but then again it is all handwork that I usually only get to do while I'm sitting on an airplane. It is very rewarding and I am certainly enjoying the process.

I wanted to put up some pictures that have inspired me. However, I am never quite sure of copyright laws and infringements (which is why I do not use Pinterest)

So instead I will give you a couple of links to pages that I like.
Sue Daleys Busy Fingers is what got me started. I picked up some of her products at a quilt shop in Delaware last holiday season. She has a nice blog and an online store with high quality products. To bad shipping from the land down under is so expensive!

Another website that has great pictures as well as EPP products for sale is:
They have a great tab with pictures of completed quilts submitted from customers. Very inspirational, lots of hexagon quilts to look at. They have great prices on their papers much less expensive that busy fingers, however not quite as durable. BUT... The shipping is very reasonable.

Here are some photos from my work room. I am playing with ideas in my mind of having some groups of flowers together as 3's. With the rest interspersed as singles. It will be fun to play with. The other nice thing is that I am only purchasing fat quarters of fabric as I need. This way I can pick whatever colors fancy me at that time. The next set of flowers are going to be white with yellow centers.
Set of 3 flowers sewn together as a grouping

completed flowers

Next set of flower fabrics

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