Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Loving me some leather!

Late last week while I was in NYC I had a total of 2 hours to hit the garment district. In between a conference call and a webex meeting I power walked the 8 streets up to fabric and notion store heaven. One could get completely lost in the garment district for hours and maybe even days. Every store holding infinite possibilities, the sight, the feel and even the smell of the fabric is enough to drive you to distraction.

I had no time whatsoever for distraction. I was a woman on a mission! A mission to find a great skin of leather. I have been secretly envisioning wonderfully self made leather accessories. From a simply elegant business card holder, a clutch, maybe a belt and a great cover for my iPad. Plus all the great gift ideas that come to mind. The only problem was where to get the leather... No way I was ordering it online! Leather needs to be touched and smelled before purchasing.

I headed to Leather Impact on West 38th Street. I've been in this store 2 other times but have never bought anything until now. The staff were very helpful, nice and took an interest enough to make suggestions and answer questions. They were not overbearing and did not stalk you as you walked around feeling the skins. I hate when sales people are stalkers, it's a complete turnoff to me. I ended up with a 21.3 square feet 3 oz cow skin in a beautiful chestnut brown color. After I bought my skin I headed over to Botani Trims on 36th street and bought a selection of hardware to go with my new leather.

I did not get a chance to do much browsing, the only store I got to stop in for browsing was Parons new store front. Luckily for my bank account I had little time to do much more than a quick browse through.

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