Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Various musings

Busy, busy, busy life. Last week I spent in Tampa followed by a lovely, super fun and super busy weekend!

Friday was Rammstein concert. Saturday was a bridal shower party thing that ran well past midnight, Sunday was a graduation luncheon for one of my very good friends that graduated with her accounting masters.

Monday evening I had a serger feet class on my evolution. That was so much fun! A group of about 20 ladies, all Evolution owners, half of us brought our machines and we played with three speciality feet. This class was the ruffler, cording and beading feet. It is a technique class and it's great to get together with a bunch of other ladies.

I dropped my Symphony off while I was at the shop for her yearly Tension, Oil and adjustment so my sewing table looks quite empty. The Symphony at the shop and the Evolution still in her travel case. And now I am back on the road to NYC for a couple days. Keeping my fingers crossed to have some time to hit the garment district for a couple hours. I want to get some leather and try my hand at making some leather accessories.

I never did sign up for Me Made May. However, I have been playing along anyway and so far every day this month I have worn some garment that I have either mad work refashioned. Super fun! I don't know that I have enough to make it the entire month but I'll try!

Picture from the bridal shower/girls night out. I'm in the aqua top.

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