Thursday, May 17, 2012

All quiet in the sewing studio and German measles scare

Coming to you from Providence, Rhode Island.

All has been quiet in the sewing room, my Symphony is in the shop for her yearly checkup and is not back yet. The garden has been calling my name, so I've spent some time this past weekend and Tuesday evening working on my veggie garden. I reprinted the fence and am now in the midst of installing a new rabbit proof fence. It is a bit slow going I can only dig the trench for the fence with my good leg so it took me several sessions to get it done.

Keeping my fingers crossed that it will be done this weekend and I can get the rototilling done and get my plants in. The herb garden is done and has been supplying us with lovely fresh herbs for the kitchen for several weeks now.

Now for an interesting story...
Early one morning I got a phone call for the Department of Health to ask me some questions.
Me: OK, what do you want to know?
DOH: Where you on AA flight xxxx going from Tampa to Miami and sitting in seat 14C?
Me: Why yes I was.
DOH: are you sure you were in that seat?
Me: Yes, what is this about? ( at this point I'm thinking horrible things like bird flu or flesh eating diseases!)
DOH: you have been exposed to the German Measles.
Me: oh, we still have that disease???

As you can imagine the rest of the conversation was about whether or not I was vaccinated, what do I do for work, symptoms and of course the good news it's just like the flu with a rash unless you are pregnant. Then it is really, really bad. Well no being pregnant for me so no problems unless of course I was infected and had contact with anyone who is pregnant.

Unfortunately they grounded me from flying until I could prove immunity. So I had to cancel my Tuesday work trip and head to the doctor for an emergency blood test.

And of course I am immune. I got every vaccine required and thank goodness. Otherwise I would have had to stay home for like three weeks. My boss would have loved that!!

And to finish out my non-sewing blog post.... A picture from my garden.

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