Thursday, March 25, 2010

Finished Shirt: SImplicity 4878

I finished the hems on my latest shirt. I used a very fine fusible straight tape on the hem of the body. I serged the edge and caught the tape in the edge of the serging. I then pressed up the hem 1 1/4 inches and did a line of stitching. I like using the tape on the hems of my knit shirts, I find that it keeps them from stretching out of shape and from getting wavy and it also gives just a tad bit more stability/weight to it.
The sleeve hems, I just serged the edge, turned up 1 inch and stitched.

Below are a couple of pictures of me modelling the shirt. Still need to work on the self portrait skills!! LOL not sure where I am looking at.,.

I took pictures at a variety of 'poses' so that I could see how the shirt looked. For the most part I am quite satisfied... As usual, it is the body underneath that I always end up critiquing!

And I did change how the collar was pressed, I had to fold in half and press when sewing it in and I did not like how that looked. To change it, I just set up my steam iron and pulled the collar apart and super steamed it so that it was nice and floppy and soft. So much better!

Please excuse the very bad hair... did not feel like doing it for the photos :)

Arms straight

arms up and still looks good

Kneeling down and no back gap between the waist of my jeans and the hem of the shirt! woohoo!
(although there is the dreaded back fat!! must do more exercises!!)

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