Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Bargello Art quilt is done!

The Final product! Now I just need to hang it up!

Sorry for the lack of updates... the last week was spent working on the actual quilting part as well as attaching the binding.
The quilting on this piece is pretty basic, I just followed the flow of the pattern and decided to use a variety of colors in metallics to make it interesting. The border I quilted in a very basic double row of lines. My thought was to 'frame' the center portion where all the interest is.
The threads used in the quilting.
The left most was used in the bobbin and the rest were used on the top.
The binding took me a couple nights to do. I first attached it to the front and then wrapped it to the back and hand sewed it on. Probably took about 4 or 5 hours of hand sewing which was done on the couch while watching TV.
Close up of the back with the binding hand sewn in place.
Now all that is left to do is to sign it and hang it. I think I have a perfect spot in the living room and will make sure to take some pictures as soon as it is up!
It was a fun project to do and now I am actually thinking of making another one! First though, I have a bit of 'other' sewing that I want to get done. The arrival of the spring like weather has me itching to make spring tops as well as get out into the garden and get the beds ready!
So many things... so little time!


  1. How incredibly cool! It really is lovely! (As are you!)

  2. I gave you a "Sunshine Award" on my blog.


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