Saturday, March 6, 2010

More Art quilt work

I ended up working on my Art Quilt again today. I was originally planning on letting it sit for a while so I could ponder. However, I was just feeling inspired... so I went with it. (it;s always so nice when you get that inspired feeling!)
I decided to couch on 7 different strands of fibers, some feathery, some metallic, some like fat yarns, just a nice range of interesting embellishments to add some interest. I had picked these up quite a few years ago at a quilting show because I liked them and was glad to have had them in my stash. :) They came on a card and were called Adornaments: Fun Fibers for Fabulous Effects.
I sewed them down using a 7mm wide x 4mm long zig zag stitch in clear filament on front and off white all purpose thread in bobbin.
I also decided on border and binding fabrics. You can see them in the photo's.

couching in upper right half of quilt

(Hard to see in the photo... 3 lines of fibers along the gold colored fabrics)

couching in lower left corner

close up of fibers

The border and binding fabrics.

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