Friday, January 3, 2020

How Nature inspires Fashion- a quick look at Birds

I love the the use of color in fashion. Colors make me happy and make me feel good and I have a lot of fun putting different colors and color combinations together. I am not professionally trained in design and everything I do or create is more or less an experiment and from self learning by reading, watching or simply by experimenting. The world has so many ways for us to learn!

The use of color in fashion has always been a source of pleasure for me and so has the idea that there are no new ideas is fashion and art, just re-interpretations on what has already been done. There may be new mediums and fresh and different ways of looking at things but rarely is their something that can actually be called new.

The other day I was in the Chicago Field Museum. I live fairly close by and I like to go in and just take my time and see a gallery or two. Really see them and try to think of them in a different way then when you are rushed or trying to see an entire museum in one day! I try to keep these visits low key and not go into overload. This is one of my great pleasures of living in downtown Chicago.

I decided to explore the Birds of the World exhibit. This is an old school exhibit with stuffed and mounted birds of every type, even ones that are now extinct. (Which is a whole different conversation!) As I was slowly making my way through the exhibit I was struck by the beauty of many of the birds. I like birds in general, especially song birds and birds or prey. However, I especially like the birds of many different colors! I was immediately struck with the notion that nature did it first! Long before we were able to produce so many amazingly colored textiles there were these strikingly beautiful birds. 
Here are some examples of a few birds and some corresponding colored fashions to go with them!

The bird photos were taken by me and the fashion images were taken off of google images. I blocked out faces on those images.
I hope you enjoy this little bit of inspiration from Nature to Fashion.

Through much of my design work with Sarah Veblen over the past several years , I have learned to let myself ‘see’ inspiration in the world around me! It was so much fun to explore, in my own little way, the relationship between beautiful bird plumage and the use of colors and color combinations in contemporary fashion. 

Happy Sewing!

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