Friday, January 24, 2020

A quick WIP update on Velvet Jacket and the Raspberry Rucksack

This week was not my best week in the sewing room. I had the Princess for part of the weekend and all day Tuesday, which is always such a treat and fills my heart with joy! I have also been very busy at work, and it can be so hard when you work from home and you keep glancing longingly at your sewing machines wishing only to be happily mired in a sewing project! Plus I had one night out on the road this week. On top of that, I am not feeling the best. I sound like Darth Vader and seem to have gotten whatever winter virus or cold that is flying around like mad at this time of the year. SO, not been able to breathe all that well and extra tired and super busy at work has meant not too much has happened on the sewing front.
I had some lovely emails from readers on my last post re: the Velvet Jacket. Thank you ladies!!
I did finish the hem of the velvet jacket and am now working on the sleeve hems. I have hit my first snag with this project and had a real Tim Gunn make it work moment. I am so used to cutting the hems of my sleeves at the finished length with the thought that there is a good 1.5 inch sleeve hem and that gives me plenty for a jump hem in the sleeve. Well…I just plain old forgot that this sleeve has a band cuff and NOT a hem so I had no length for a jump hem. I played with my options and I figured that I just needed an extra ⅝” and all would be good. So i unpressed the hem in the lining that I had pressed up (luckily I had not stitched it yet) I edge stitched on a length of grosgrain ribbon and then I will hand stitch this to the hem and have enough length for play! I think it actually looks quite nice! The purple grosgrain makes for a nice bridge from the velvet to the silk. Too bad this is one of those lovely hidden details.

I started on the backpack project for the princess, The Raspberry Rucksack. The first couple of hours of work was for naught since I put the zipper in upside down. (despite the clearly marked instructions!) DOH! Luckily Wendy and her mad un-sewing skills came to the rescue and she picked out all the work so I could start again! What an awesome friend! Second time around was much better and went much faster since I already knew what I was doing. SO the front or face of the backpack is done. I have read from the reviews and tutorials that I have finished the hardest part. I’ll let you know if that is true once I finish the bag!
This is the zipper that I mistakenly put in upside down! Thank goodness for a friend to the rescue!

This is the front of the bag with the pop-up zipper pocket and the front handle. The pocket is 'off' by a smidge but I was absolutely NOT taking it off and re-doing it for 1/16th of an inch.

There are other things on the back burner of the sewing realm. It is time to get back to some selfish sewing for me!! I have another Cashmerette Tobin Sweater ready to be cut out and 2 jacket/coat patterns that I want to make mock-ups of AND I have a pile of active wear fabrics that I have been meaning to play with using Melissa Fehr’s Sew Your Own Activewear book AND I want to play with some draping projects AND, and oh gosh, the list in my head is endless!!! I will stop now before I spin out of control.

Weekend (sewing) plans- Plenty of rest with doses of cold medicine, Vicks Vapor Rub and lots of tea! and maybe finish the Velvet Jacket and the backpack. Fingers crossed!
Happy Sewing!!
From the Princess and I :)

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