Friday, January 10, 2020

Athleisure Wear- Cashmerette Tobin Sweater and True Bias Hudson Pants

My last garment sewing project for myself in 2019 was this Athleisure wear outfit. This was supposed to be my 'travel' outfit for the Paris trip that did not get done in time.

My new camera uses the phone as a remote, and it is not the easiest to take pics and not show the phone...

The blue/grey/black/silver swirly sweater knit fabric for the top was from my collection from several years ago that I think was from EmmaOneSock and the pants fabric and the fabric for the cowl and the shirt cuffs was from Fishman's Fabrics that I purchased this past spring.

The top is a new to me Cashmerette Tobin Sweater I traced off my sizes based off the measurement chart, using a size 16 on top and grading to a 20 at the hips. After this I overlaid my TNT knit top to check the bust dart placement and the armscye shape. For this first version I did not do the color blocking on the upper bodice or upper arm. I wanted to make sure of the fit before doing the extra work! I did use the fabric from the pants for the collar and the cuff to tie the top and bottom together into a cohesive outfit. The buttons for the sleeve and collar are just decoration, no buttonholes necessary. I just happened to pick these up for free at a sewing meeting and hadn't yet put them away. They match perfectly!

Taking pics of myself is never easy but ALWAYS funny!! I look like I'm trying to channel my inner Wonder Woman!!

This top is View A collar and cuffs without the color block and View B body length. The fabric for the collar and cuffs is a stiffer double knit and it really holds its shape.

The Tobin Sweater line drawing from the Cashemerette website.  from top to bottom- View A-B-C
Other than a very small tweak to the placement of the bust dart and grading between sizes, I made no other changes to the pattern. my hope for this version was that I could wear it out of the house and into the public arena without showing off my butt to the world. I am very happy with the outcome. It is a perfect length to wear with joggers or leggings and be OK to run to the store or out on errands.

I am looking forward to making more versions of this sweater! I want to experiment with different knits, color blocking and different lengths. There are so many different options and opportunities to play with this sweater!

My favorite knit jogger pattern is The Hudson Pants from True bias. I have made this quite a few times and have a TNT pattern that has been optimized for my fit. There are many different jogger pant patterns out there. I really like the fit of the Hudson pants and the pants length and leg width's are just what I like. Not skin tight leggings yet not big, ugly sweatpants. The fabric for the pants is an ponte- double knit. and the cuffs is a black rib knit from my stash. Of course after I completed these I found Navy blue rib knit for cuffs... oh well.

You can see on the back of the legs that I have some extra fabric pooling above the knee.  In an early version I did a test pair to remove this from the pattern. However this then makes the pants less useful for what I want for a pair of knit joggers. Like bending, crouching, kneeling and all types of moving around. When my leg is bent as in this kneeling photo the length of fabric being taken up is more than when just standing. Hopefully that makes sense.

However, IF I was to make a fancy pair of these that would be worn for going out and NOT for moving around then I would remove this fullness. In my head I think of a fancy pair of knit gold lame or some other super fancy fabric! Now that could be a very fun idea!

Happy Sewing!!
For my birthday we went to the Botanic Garden for the light show. It was so much fun to share this special event with the Princess! The lights were beautiful and we were very happy!!!
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  1. Love the fabric colors and how you coordinated the two patterns. Looks comfy which is always a plus (in my book anyway).

  2. CUTE outfit!

    And +1 for needing some room for movement. Gold joggers - yes!

  3. Thanks for the explanation about the extra fabric behind the knees. I need the extra fabric for arthritis in knees.

  4. This outfit looks fantastic on you! My body type is similar to yours (with a bit more belly) and I had previously dismissed the Tobin pattern because I thought it would make me look dumpy. Your post has changed that thought and I'll definitely give this one a go! Thanks!!


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