Tuesday, May 25, 2010

All Quiet in the Sewing Room with a broken leg.

All has been quiet in the sewing room for several weeks now. I had my daughters college graduation, my parents in for a long weekend, a long work trip to Dallas for a symposium, followed directly by a fun schooling horse show.

Just as things were calming down and I was just about caught up on the day to day stuff I broke my right leg.

It happened on Friday afternoon, I had a fall off one of the horses that I ride. The fall was not bad except for the fact that my right knee smashed into a wooden rail lying on the ground.

It is a right Tibia Plateau fracture. I don't have a full game plan from the orthopedist yet, but will be on no weight bearing on my right leg for 6-8 weeks.

No driving, no walking, no traveling, no sewing machine pedal, no horseback riding. No nothing!

Well at least no nothing yet. As soon as some of the acute pain starts to wear off and I am not on the painkillers 24/7 I will venture into the sewing room and attempt to sew with the left foot... could be interesting!

My purses are sooooo close to being done! I only have to sew the bottom lining in and then attach the lining to the outer body and add the handles. Guess they are going to be 'on the table' for a while.



  1. Oh, that is too bad! I hope it will come to you soon! I had a large hip operation (right side) two years ago and I was back by the sewing machine long before walking. Get well soon!

  2. OH NO!!! I wish you a speedy recovery! Hopefully soon you will be able to sew--we sewers always find a way to use our machines. :)

  3. oh dear, I hope you're not in too much pain and that you recover fully soon. My new sewing machine has a button stop/start in addition to the pedal and I could never figure out why it would be a better option but now I know! Think of all the planning, tracing and reading up on sewing stuff you'll be able to get done


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