Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Bargello Art quilt is finally hung!

I finally got my art quilt hung up in the front room. We live in a small split level so we have a small set of stairs going down to the front door foyer and downstairs laundry/all purpose room.
We used to have a narrow bookcase going from floor to ceiling directly to the left of where the quilt is hanging. We took this down a bit ago and I have been wanting to 'do' or 're-do' something with this wall. This quilt is the first step, the lighthouse pictures on the very left are going to be taken down and either put in storage or recycled to another area of the house. I have yet to decide on what else I want to do on the wall... but I have some ideas.
While I have been working on my other projects I have been contemplating my next art quilt. I am thinking of doing another bargello to further explore the technique.

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