Saturday, May 1, 2010

Sweet Harmony Progress

I have started the sewing of the Sweet Harmony Handbags.
I am doing the bulk of the sewing on my older Necchi mechanical machine. I think that it is a bit more heavy duty to go through all the layers of this project. I have it threaded with an all purpose white thread.

My computerized machine I am using for any of the colored topstiching and alternating between the spring green and berry red colors for the 2 bags as needed.

The pictures below show step by step progress. enjoy!

Above: Green pocket front with bias wrapped cording in the lining fabric
Below: Pink pocket front with bias wrapped cording in lining fabric

Above and below: Green main exterior panel with cell phone/gum pocket detail

Above and Below: Pink exterior panel with cell phone/gum pocket

Above: Green exterior panels with pockets attached
Below: cell phone detail in exterior pocket

Above: Pink exterior panels with pocket attached
Below: exterior panel with cell phone detail

Enticed away from the sewing room by a wonderful bowl of fresh fruit and berries!


  1. They are looking really nice! You have a wonderful design sense. Can't wait to see then finished product!

  2. Thanks for the progress ... beautiful work.

  3. Designing and quilting a handbag with plenty of pockets has been on my To Do List for years. I'm always amazed at how quickly you complete your sewing projects. The bags look great.


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