Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Years to all!! And my first project of the year

Happy New Years Day to all!! May your 2010 be imaginative, fun, full of love and happiness and lots if great sewing projects :)

My 2009 ended on a good note (I am staying in the positive here and completely trying to forget that on the last day of 2009 I had a 823$ car repair bill...) Oh well, at least it is fixed for the new year!

My birthday was wonderful, spent with some of my best friends and family at an uber nice restaurant in a private room... oh la la! The food was fabulous, the company was superb and my hubby was just the star in my heart for making it happen.
New Years Eve was spent with some friends playing games, having some drinks :) and of course more wonderful food!
Melissa and I
(and yes... I could not help and put in what I call my 'fake' boobies,
it was my birthday and I was having fun!!)

My Hubby and I
I was quite tired today, even after sleeping late, and the weather here in Chicagoland has been quite frigid. Only a high of maybe 15 today. I made a couple of no sew blankets for the girls to add to their beds. I got the fabric on super sale and it only cost me 4.80$ to make the blankets. As soon as I got Blue's done she was curled up in it!! (She gets chilly with only having short hair)

Baby Blue enjoying her new fleece blanket

Chloe giving her blanket the sniff test.

It was a perfect project to do when feeling a bit hungover from 2 evenings out in a row! All I had to do was cut and tie, easy peasy and it made my girls super happy!

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