Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My Birthday Shirt

My birthday shirt is done. It came out quite cute :)
Once again my self portraits leave a bit to be desired and I think the camera was on a slight tilt upward. But these give you an idea. I will have my hubby take some pictures tomorrow when we go out when my hair and makeup is done and I'm not wearing sweat pants!
The creative use of the fabric print did wonders for making me look like i have some boobs! The fabric itself was a bit of a pain to sew with due to the slipperiness. I had to baste each seam first to make sure everything stayed in place. The only thing I am not 100% thrilled with is the neckline. For some reason (most likely the nylon knit fabric) it still stretched slightly out. I stay stitched, I put in fine twill tape and used a lite weight fusible interfacing and still stretched out a little. Not very bad but I can be picky with my work.
The only thing different I think I could have done was a bound neckline versus the faced neckline that I did.
The other really nice feature is that the elastic around the upper waistline was easy to make adjustable. So when I lose some weight I can easily get in there and adjust it a bit smaller.

Now onto the next project... Another shirt from this pattern but in short sleeves for my upcoming trips down to New Orleans at the end of January and February.


  1. That was fast! How many hours a day to you spend sewing and crafting?

  2. Sweet! Great fabric and it looks really nice on you! Happy Birthday!

  3. HI Nuz Muz, I just happen to be having on of those 'special' weeks! I had to take some pto (the old use it or lose it), so I took the week off and hubby is working, so I am 'forcing' myself to enjoy my days. Some barn time some sewing time some reading time. being totally selfish!


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