Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A fun project! Cute Drawstring bags

I have 4 adults on my Christmas list that are getting these super cute drawstring bags full of special goodies! Originally I was just looking for the usual paper product bag and tissue paper that you buy for some silly overpriced amount that most likely gets tossed out.

This year I decided it would be fun to be more 'responsible' and make the bag part of the gift and have it be nice, reusable and fun. And of course it meant that I had the opportunity to go to the fabric shop... yes, I could have made do with stash fabric. But this fabric is just so much fun!

The bags are fully lined and are approx 9 X 13 finished size.

Bag lying flat

the lining
(also the same fabric as the drawstring casings)


Filled and ready to send off to go under a Christmas Tree...
all I need to add are the tags.

A little parting shot of the snow this morning!
Winter weather has graced us :)


  1. That's a nice touch. I've vowed to never buy wrapping paper ever again after every gift I wrapped managed to poke through the wrapping. All I have to do is lightly pass a fingernail by some wrapping paper and it slices open as if a razor blade had attacked it. They just keep making gift wrap thinner and thinner, which makes it useless. Fabric, on the other hand, makes beautiful and sturdy gift wrap.

  2. Oh no! Snow!! Thanks for stopping by my blog and letting me know about the temperatures there. This is going to be rough. Sheesh.


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