Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A quick project: Sneeze Catchers

This was a super quick, fun and easy project. and one that I was not intending on doing last night!
My goal was to straighten up my sewing room, get ready for my next project and to organize my shelf of cotton quilting fabrics. I am not a huge quilter... but I like to dabble, especially in art quilts. I have some idea drawings for several art quilts hanging on my sewing room wall and I wanted to organize my quilting fabrics by color schemes so I would be able to better locate and use my stash. Almost all of these fabrics are in 1 yard or less cuts. some 1/2 yard and even some fat quarters. Most are a yard and this is because if I like a fabric I should buy at least a yard!!
And this is the reason why I always have so much scrap fabric left over from quilting projects... I buy an entire yard for a 5 inch square piece... hmmm, I know I am not the only person that does this!
So as I was straightening up I came across the directions for a 'sneeze catcher' on a 5x7 piece of paper. It was a free handout from QuiltTricks that I picked up when I attended the Chicago sewing and quilt expo in November.
I placed on my sewing desk next to one of the machines to hang on one of my bulletin boards. And it made me think of the 2 full cases of pocket tissue packs that I have in the laundry room that I got for free last winter. I thought 'hmmmmm.... sneeze catchers and I have about 100 packs of pocket tissues downstairs...
So then I was organizing my quilt fabrics and came across these 2 remnant pieces that I must have used in a dozen projects over the years and went 'ohhhhhhhhhh, I could finally get these fabrics used up and out of here!!! I am frankly a little tired of looking at them!'
So, in the space of 30 minutes I whipped up 6 'sneeze catchers'. One for me and the other 5 for girlfriends that I will be seeing this Saturday evening.
Thanks for the handout QuiltTricks! It was a nice, easy, quick and useful project that will make my GF's smile.

Outer fabric is a stained glass look, the lining fabric is a pretty yellow print.

The ends, serged and cornered.

All stuffed!

Tied in pretty packages with extra tissues.

Now I am in Boston on a work trip for a couple days... Hope everyone has a great week!


  1. These are gorgeous. You are so talented! How do you fit all this in????

  2. Those are so cool! A feel a sneeze coming on right now... Ahhhh chuuu.

  3. I love, love, love that fabric even if you are tired of looking at it. I wish we lived closer. I'd buy one from you. Those bright colors would help me find my tissues in my purse faster.


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