Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Not much getting done in the sewing room!

I have not gotten too much done in my sewing room since last post...

I spent several nights in Boston for work, then spent several days on the couch, not wanting to do much because of a nasty head cold/sinus thing which I believe started from an allergy attack in Boston...

Not really a good idea for me to sew while I am in that fog of head cold/ allergy medicine/ decongestant/ can't breath state. It was bad enough trying to ride my horse, that took it all out of me.

And now I am back on the road for work until tomorrow evening. No where too exciting... Indianapolis, IN and Dayton, OH.

What I did accomplish was cutting out a new pattern and fabric for a new project. I am making a cute robe for my DD for her birthday. Apparently she left hers at her BF's apartment... We will be in New Orleans over her birthday and are taking her on the trip as her birthday gift but... I like giving a gift that needs to be unwrapped. Presents are fun to give to the ones I love!

I have also been doing a bit of catching up on some reading, I got a couple of new sewing books to read. 2 of them I got as gifts over the holidays, David Coffin's Making Trousers and an Art quilt book about creating art quilts from photos. As well as David Coffin's shirt book that I have out from the library.

Hopefully I will be feeling fully recovered and find some time to spend in the sewing room this weekend :)

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