Saturday, January 2, 2010

Another finished project and some goals for 2010

The temperature is frightfully cold outside which left me huddling indoors to stay warm. To cold to takes the girls for a walk and waaaaaay to cold to ride Fawkes... but a perfect day to play in my sewing room :)
I just finished up another top. This is made from the same pattern as my birthday top, Simplicity 2960. I did make several changes to it. I cut a size smaller, I re-drew and cut the neckline an inch lower and used a bias binding on the neckline instead of facings, I cut the length shorter by 3 inches and made it in a short sleeve version and applied the elastic at the waist line differently. This fabric is not quite as delicate as the one I used for my birthday shirt so it was quite a bit easier and faster to work with.
It was fun to work on a spring/summer shirt while it was below zero outside... helped to keep my mind on some fun in the sun!



Sleeve detail
The pattern did call for a second row of ruffles sewn over the seam of the lower ruffle on the sleeve but I did not add it on, it made it look a little to 'little girly' for my tastes!

Now onto some thoughts on what I want to accomplish in my sewing room during 2010.
1. enjoy the process and what I am making/creating
2. make some handbags
3. try some 'art' quilts
4. pants, pants, and more pants
5. sew for others (as in birthday and holiday gifts)
6. a Channel style jacket
7. to not purchase any clothes (except socks and under clothes) make them all myself
8. to experiment more and try new things, new colors and new techniques.
I think those are some good goals for 2010! we shall see what I can get done.

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