Monday, October 21, 2013

Purple and Green

Nothing like the cool fall weather to make me want to renew and refresh. My husband and I heaved been on a house renewal kick. It started with painting and redecorating our bedroom then we moved on to the new guest room. (The recently vacated bedroom of our daughter and son-in-law ). The momentum just kept on going! The past two weekends saw us repainting the dining and living rooms and hallway going up the stairs. As well as ripping out the carpet on the stairs and putting in a stair runner.

I think the newly painted upstairs rooms looked so nice that we just kept on going!! Of course now the kitchen looks like it really needs painted. LOL!!! Isn't that what happens... Paint one room and the others start to look dingy.

Our dining and living rooms used to be a pale green color with green curtains. Well several weeks ago we went to Home Depot and bought about 10 paint samples and put them up on the walls. It looked like some crazy painted sampler in our living room for a while as we contemplated color. Every so often one of us we get up and X out a color with pencil. After two weeks we were left with purples and yellowish/tannish colors. We decided to go PURPLE!!

We chose 2 shades on darker and one lighter. 2 walls the west wall in the dining room and living room were painted the darker color and the rest of the walls and the ceiling the lighter purple. We LOVE it and we love how the green accents go with the purple.

Last weekend while my hubby painted, I painted all of the air registers and light switches green and have all the curtains a good cleaning. I must confess something.... It has been years since I have washed the curtains, many many years! I never realized how dusty and dirty they had gotten!

I also took some time to freshen up the front door and the outdoor flower wall with some fall decorations. Looks so pretty.

The dogs were not to happy about being relegated to my sewing room for most of the past 2 weekends, they survived. We also just happened to be dog sitting for our daughter and it was so nice havering little Holly in the house:) I miss having her around... Apparently so did Blue! They look so cute cuddled up together. They were both sleeping and Holly had her little head on blues big paw. Of course, as soon as I stood up to take the picture she lifted her head up.

I did get some time in the sewing room yesterday!!! Yay :)

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