Thursday, October 10, 2013

Celebrating 50 years! A weekend with family and a quilted wall hanging.

This past weekend, my daughter, son-in-law and I traveled to lower Delaware to celebrate my parents 50th wedding Anniversary!!

It was such a great thing to be able to celebrate something so very special with them. Family is something that means so much to me and I feel so blessed that I was ale to celebrate with them. It is certainly an accomplishment that provides such a great example to the all of us.

Family is so important to my parents. Instead of having a fancy party they decided to do what they love and we all spent Saturday out on a head boat fishing. Unfortunately, not everyone in the family made it in but they were with us in spirit!

We spent a wonderful day out on the warm, calm ocean fishing. We ended up catching a ton of fish and took home just over 50 little fish for a great dinner of fish tacos!

Sunday, we went out for a lovely brunch and sat on a veranda overlooking beautiful gardens and a golf course. It was a lovely meal spent together :) I wish I could spend more time with the family it always seems like a couple times a year is just not enough!!!

At my daughters wedding over the summer, my siblings and I gave my parents a picture book to celebrate 50 years of marriage. We all (including in-laws and grandkids) contributed photos and a few thoughts as to what family means to us. We gave this to them after the rehearsal dinner at the wedding.

I wanted to give them another small gift so I made them a quilted wall hanging. I purchased the pattern and fabric while traveling in upstate NY last fall. The pattern and fabric were originally to be a gift for my mom. However, i knew she has been busy with work and in the midst of a quilt project and after thinking about it I knew I wanted to make it for them. I changed a couple of the appliqués in the pattern but basically kept the general idea. This was the first time I tried paper piecing in the diamonds down the left side, I must say I was not enthused by the process. I much prefer the precision of cutting exact shapes and using exact seam allowances versus relying on a piece of paper. Must be the scientific part of me!

The appliqué was done as a raw edge technique with fusible backing and then all the appliqué pieces were free motion stitched. With one leaf embroidered with their names and wedding date. I then free motion quilted the entire background and did channels along the top and sides. The back has a sleeve hand stitched on for hanging.

My parents loved the gift! They are both hand craftsman themselves so they know and understand the work and love that goes into making a gift for people you love. :)

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