Wednesday, October 9, 2013

3 new tops (2 I love and one, not so much...)

Here I am at 30,000 feet on my way to Delaware to celebrate my parents 50th wedding anniversary! Wowzers, 50 years! I'm blessed to have such a wonderful family :)

Anyways figured time for me to do a catch up post on the tops I made a couple weeks ago.

I made 3 tops.

The first is my favorite! I've made this top before and I'll make it again. Although next time I may change up the neckline a bit.
Pattern: Vogue 8634 view A
Fabrics: the print is the fabric that I received in the Spring Sewing SWAP. It is a lovely light weight crinkly knit. Very nice to work with. I also decided to do a color blocked portion and used a black knit remnant from my stash. The pattern is already pieced in this was and lent itself perfectly to be color blocked.
Changes to pattern: none! Used a size large at the top and graded to an XL at the hips so I could wear this top out and have it skim nicely over my pants or skirt at my hip without bunching.
This an easy pattern to sew up and lends itself to lots of artistic changes. This time I color blocked and last time I embroidered the cowl piece.

I think I will make a long sleeve version for winter.

Next up is a working muslin of Silhouettes sweater set base portion. Since losing weight I needed to redraft my base pattern to fit. I recently modified a bunch of these shells and had to take the side seams in almost 2 1/2 inches on each side! It was time to redraft a new base. Using the original pattern pieces and all the info from various seminars I used my new measurements to remake a sleeveless shell.
Pattern: Silhouettes 195 Sweater Set
Fabric: knit remnant left over from dress pattern.
Changes to pattern: for this working muslin I added a CF and CB seam due to fabric available.
The actual pattern uses several sizes. The front is a 5w c cup, back is 5w both have the armholes and shoulder slope of a regular size 3. (This is for the sleeveless version only). Both the front and back are graded slightly larger from just below the armhole to the hemline to take into account for the hips.
I also lowered the front neckline by about 3 inches. This a much more flattering spot on me. I like my collar bones:)

This last top I am on the fence about!! I think it is a case of wrong fabric/pattern combination. My daughter likes it a lot. Me.... Not so sure. The pattern called for a knit, I used a very stretchy woven, I thought it would give it the little bit more structure for the peplum area. I look at it and think ice dancer costume. Not sure why. Technically the fit is very good but I feel self conscious in it because it is more fitted across the tummy than I usually wear. (Or maybe it's due to fabric choice!!!)
Pattern: silhouettes 312 Georgio's top
Fabric: Stash fabric (bought maybe 5+ years ago) stretch cotton
Changes to pattern: dropped the neckline 5 inches. This neckline came all the way up and felt a little choking to me.
I love the fabric and think I just need to give it a chance. Worst comes to worst I can change it into something else.

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