Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A refashion of a jacket and a couple little birthday gifts.

My week long trip to Atlanta has left me with a backlog of blogging! I'm still trying to catch up....

I am blogging to you from way up in Northern, NY, Potsdam. home of Clarkson University, SUNY Potsdam, a hospital and from the looks of it not much else. A little town and I'm staying in a lovely little Inn. There are no chain hotels in the town. I think I saw a comfort inn about 10 miles away. However, in these situations I'd rather stay in the town and experience somewhere different.

Fall is in full force here and the leaves look spectacular. On my drive here yesterday afternoon I passed a town with a plethora of antique shops.... Ohhhhh, I wanted to stop and just spend the afternoon browsing but, I'm here for work not play and antiquing is just not the same without my hubby!

My first sewing item to share is a refashion to a jacket that I sewed up last year seen here
I really like the jacket but other than the shape it was quite boring and for some reason the fusible interfacing I used was slightly bubbling/separating after a couple of dry cleanings and it needed to be refashioned or donated.

Since I spent a lot of time making this jacket and it has a wonderful silk lining I went of the re-fashion! I added ombré embroidery along the bottom all the way around and then up the back right. The top most design is in a light silver the middle 2 designs in a medium silver and the bottom designs are in a dark silver/grey color. I only made one mistake from my plan and that was to have the middle right design flipped and pointed slightly the other way, towards the side seam. I flipped it on the machine but when I hooped the jacket I hooped it the other way!! I also shortened the sleeves by 2 inches. This was a fairly easy refashion, I released the lining at the hem and then just had to hand stitch it back to the hem line when I was done with the embroidery.

The design is one that come with my Brother embroidery machine.

I wore this in Atlanta at the trade show I was working and got several compliments. Yay! What do you think?

The other project I have to share with you was also done on the embroidery machine. 2 of my girlfriends had birthday ethis past weekend and one just had a baby and the other is getting ready to have her second baby.

I decided to make these cute little card wallet things. Basically they are sleeves that you can put some credit cards, loyalty cards, cash, pics, etc... In and then through it in your diaper bag or whatnot. They came out very cute and each had the recipients initial on the front.

In the one on the left you can see a business card peeking out on the bottom. The pockets are nice and deep, this card could even be pushed in just a little more but then you would really have a hard time seeing it!!

And here is a view of the river behind the little inn that I am staying in:

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Location:Clarkson Inn, Potsdam, NY

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