Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wedding Trip: Part 1: getting there day 1 and 2

The wedding festivities are finally upon us. My daughter and I packed up the bins with all the wedding paraphernalia, decorations, gifts, shoes, dresses etc on Friday afternoon. Friday night my hubby packed up the car and filled it top to tail from the back tailgate right up to the front seats! Wowzers we had a lot of wedding stuff to haul across country!

Saturday by 10 am we were ready to leave. Yahoo!!!! Finally the day had arrived for us to start our road trip. It was kind of liberating to finally be all packed in the car and headed out. We really did not make it too far on Saturday. Drove just a bit over 8 hours to Lincoln, Nebraska. We stayed downtown in the historic Haymarket district at a Courtyard hotel. It felt like vacation actually started :) we went for a nice walk, ate a good dinner at gastro pub and then another little walk around.

Me in front of a cool train rock mural in Lincoln.

Haymarket District, reclaimed old industrial buildings re outfitted in a thriving area of small shops and great restaurants.

a view of the University of Nebraska's Cornhuskers Stadium

Moving on to day 2... From Lincoln, Nebraska with drove for 12+ hours and made our way up to Cody, Nebraska. We got there early enough to walk all around town and eat dinner at The Irma. Buffalo Bill Cody's original Rocky Mountain hotel. :) it was great to spend a couple hours walking around.

Buffalo Bill Cody memorial in Cody, Wyoming

The Irma, hotel built by Buffalo Bill Cody in 1902.

my hubby and I in front of the original Cherry Wood bar at the Irma. (Please disregard the awful picture of me!!)

After a great evening in Wyoming my hubby and I chilled out in our motel and made plans for our following day in Yellowstone.

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