Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Simplicity 1804 fun maxi dress!

I needed a new maxi dress for the summer. They are super fun and easy to wear. Since losing 45 lbs the maxi dress I currently have has been relegated to in home use only due to,the resemblance of a tent and the fact that my girls,just hang right out of it! Oops! Time to repurpose it for,something new.

In between my work on the vogue dress last week I cut out and whipped up this simplicity 1804 pattern. After reading several reviews on the pattern I cut out the size 14 and added 2 inches to the bodice straight out of the envelope. I made view A with the sleeves of C and no twisted front extra piece, I have enough extra of myself I felt that I did not need an extra piece of fabric to add to the bulk!

The fabric is from Jo-Ann's 50% off clearance fabric, a nice soft poly blend knit that I got for about 5$ a yard. I eliminated the neckline facings and added a contrasting band in a chocolate crocodile knit instead. For the hem I just did a rolled lettuce edge with a woolly nylon mix of black and brown in the upper looper. Unfortunately this was not a good idea as the hem is floor length and the wooly nylon got this sort of frayed and pulled look to it after just one day of wear. I think I will have to go back and re-serge the hem for a rolled lettuce hem of non- wooly nylon. I have never seen this happen before. Other than the hem (which no one but me noticed) the the dress wore quite well. The neckline was originally intended to be bound but once I sewed on the bias binding I LOVED how it looked as a band instead and just decided to top stitch the band down to the seam allowances and this turned out quite well :)

Caution: pictures taken with self timer and yes I was standing on the hotel room couch!

I will definitely be making this dress again. It is lovely, easy to wear, comfortable and covers n brace! Win- win for me!

I hope you enjoy my fun self timed photos from my work trip in Atlanta this week!!

Happy sewing :!

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