Monday, June 24, 2013

The close!!! And a little horse time!

I had a great weekend! I got to spend time with all my favorite people's, some sewing time, some horse time, and more! Too many things to hit all the highlights.... I think I need a weekend after my weekend!

Sunday evening I had a some recoils time in my sewing room and ALMOST got my Bombshell suit finished. Why didn't I? Well..... I ran out of damn swimsuit elastic!!! Ugh. I have every other type and size of elastic in my stash just no more swimsuit elastic. Buggers!

all that needs to be done is added waistline elastic and sew the halter cups on.... So close!

Now, as I sit here at the airport I'm wondering if there is anywhere in my travels this week from Charleston, WV to Baltimore,MD that will take me close to a fabric store.... Oh well, I'll probably just have to wait until Friday to pick up my elastic.

The rest of the weekend was non-sewing! I managed to pack in 2 movies. Work War Z and Man of Steel. Both were very good with WWZ winning out in my book. It was quite scary for me but done so well! man of Steel was very good except for the cinematography. It was not really to my liking, too jumpy and have me a little headache from it.

I also spent Saturday day going on a 2 hour trailride with my daughter and some friends. We had a great time! I haven't been on a horse in almost 2 years and it was like coming home :) I did not wear my knee brace (I don't think they would have let me on with it!) I also didn't use that leg on the ride. As long as I kept it out of the stirrup and hanging loose I was good to go.

Sunday we headed to a friends house for a morning/early afternoon of game playing and then we went and look at the new apartment that my daughter and her fiancé will be moving into after the wedding! Very excited for them!

So as not to waste my work travel time, I have brought my latest issue of Threads magazine to devour, a new Peggy Sagers DVD, and I brought the veil with me to continue hand sewing all the embellishments on. Hopefully, I can get some good headway done on that project while traveling this week.

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