Saturday, June 15, 2013

Catch up post! Last weekend's FUN

Geez! I can't believe that it's been 2 weeks since my last post.... Oops! Time sure is flying by. It also doesn't help that my allergies have been wicked, allergy meds trough me off my game a bit.
I've been busy, not the crazy stressful busy but the good kind of busy. The week before last (the first week of June) I did actually get some sewing projects done. I had a large pile of clothes that I needed to either alter to fit my slimmer shape or to donate to GoodWill. I ended up redoing 5 shirts and a pair of yoga pants, all of these items were me made items and I was quite happy to be able to alter them to get longer use from them. There was only one top that I decided to donate... It was just too big and not easy to alter. I also spent one evening taking a comprehensive set of measurements of my darling daughter. She has asked me to make a dress for her to wear to the Chicago wedding reception that she is having and since it is several weeks after the actual wedding she did not want to wear the wedding dress. I only have a 2 more wedding sewing projects that MUST be completed. The above said dress and the bridal veil. So I feel to be in a very good spot, now to get the million or so other things done and ready before the wedding!
Last weekend my hubby planned a date day for us. We had a ballroom dancing lesson, a bike ride and walk around the Arboretum and then a Blackhawks hockey party at a friends house. It was a delightful day!! We loved the dancing lesson so much that we signed up for ten more lessons! Who knew that doing the rumba and foxtrot could be so much fun ;)
At the Arboretum we bike about six miles and then took a nice walk. They have this amazing outdoor art installation of giant wooden bugs. I LOVED the dragonflies, the giant ants were just creepy and the big spiders were downright scary!

Having fun with the self timer mode on my little camera :)

Here I am stuck in the spiders web! Hehehe.... I know, I'm a goof ball!

Giant ants marching down the lawns, I would probably die if I saw these for real.

Me getting eaten by a giant daddy long legs! True fact: these are actually the most poisonous spiders but since the pinchers/stingers are so tiny that they can not bother humans. Good thing!!

I love my husband!
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