Saturday, June 22, 2013

Ohhhhh, I love getting goodies in the mail!

Yesterday afternoon I found the most lovely little package in the mail. Did it have special wrapping? No was it post marked Special Delivery? No. Well then, you might be thinking what makes it so special???

Well, to most people it's not so special but to me it was SUPER because it was filled with 3 lovely Colette Patterns!!!

I have had my eye on this lovely little pattern line for a while now and when the lovely Hawthorn Dress was introduced last week I just had to have it! Something about it just grabbed me and pulled me in. (Unlike the Laurel dress which I thought was just not my style)

I have had my eye on The Macaron Dress forever, I love all the different ways that it has been made up. I was going to put a couple pictures up but not sure of the copyright laws so here is link to the flicker group. I also decided to go for a pinafore, I love the idea of being able to make a dress for all seasons and having on nice warm tights and turtleneck underneath for the winter and a lovely soft cotton for summer. So in my basket also jumped the Parfait.

Well, well, what do you know this is another first for me! This will be my first foray into Colette Patterns.

They arrived very, very quickly! I ordered them on Tuesday night and by Friday they were in my mail box. Now that's what I call super fast customer service. The patterns themselves come in these beautiful little booklets with tons of super clear step by step directions. I'm not sure how much I exactly need those directions however i think when I make the first one I will try to follow them step by step and see if I can learn something new.

Which one will I make first. The Hawthorn! There will be a sew-a-long starting sometime soon. Not sure if I will be able to participate due to the upcoming wedding. I'll have to check on the details when they are posted.

In other news I worked a little more on my Bombshell swimsuit. The bottom is completed and I tried it on and my oh my it fits beautifully :) hehe! All I have left is to do the halter top.

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