Thursday, June 27, 2013

Baltimore... The sad and bad followed by THE GOOD!

I'm sitting in the airport waiting patiently for my delayed aircraft to arrive so I can get home! It seems like it has been a long week of travel. I started out in West Virginia on Monday and spent Tuesday evening- Thursday in Baltimore, down in the inner harbor area.

I was initially excited to be in Baltimore for a couple days. I like the inner harbor, over the years they have really built up a nice area to walk around, good restaurants, and things to see. Ad while I did enjoy the very, very small amount of free time I had I was also a bit saddened.

Why? Well in the past 5 days there have been over 32 shootings in the downtown Baltimore area. If you have ever been to the inner harbor area you know that if you wander even a couple blocks in the wrong direction you can end up in some very bad neighborhoods. It makes me sad, there is so much to see and do in this area and it is a shame that people are afraid. It's a vicious circle, without tourists bringing in dollars the area could once again decline and that is sad to me.

As I was walking back from lunch today I passed a large group of young African American boys. Probably about 15 mid teens and they were rough housing with each other and putting their hands into a gun shape and going 'BAM' at each other and saying things like 'I just shot your ass'. Plus many other things that I refuse to repeat on my blog. It made me wonder what kind of lives were these boys going to end up leading and it also made me feel safe that I looked up and saw a police officer just 20 yards away. (I did not feel threatened by these young men, I was just surprised by their behavior)

I felt sad for the Baltimore community, well not just for Baltimore for any community that experiences this senseless type of violence. It makes me appreciate my safe little home even more!

Anyway.... I did enjoy my work trip as much as anyone can enjoy a work trip! We try to make the most of it :) here are some photos of what I did like!

Co-workers that you can call friends, at a baseball game.

My favorite REI hat that the rain rolls right off of!

Bases loaded with a good batter on deck!

Crazy Orioles Fans dressed head to toe in black and orange.... Do you see them???

Getting complimented on my sewn garments :)

Crab Cakes! Must I say more??

A stranger offered to take my picture at the inner harbor! Very nice old man!

A great people watching view while eating the above crab cakes for lunch

Beautiful purple flowers with the masts of a tall ship in the background

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Location:BWI Airport

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  1. Makes you wonder where these young guys will end up in 20 years time, doesn't it? Thanks for sharing a bit about your week, and glad you are safely back home - and I have never had the enjoyment of eating a crab cake ... yet...


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