Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pants Progress

A little update on my pants progress...

Monday: I finished pattern alterations, made a muslin and adjusted the fit, altered the pattern to match the muslin and cut out fashion fabric and interfacing.

Today: I fused the interfacing to the waist band pieces and cut out the lining

Due to the number of alterations I did on the pattern I decided to make up a muslin and I am glad I did. Maybe the measurements I took were skewed since I did not have a helper, or maybe the Cynthia pants fitting workbook was for a style of pant that was not for my taste or maybe a combination. (you are supposed to use her pants pattern with the book)

From the muslin I decided that I needed to cut most of the pattern an entire size smaller, I did have to add a bit to the depth of the back crotch, I have a tush, so unless I add like an inch and a half to 2 inches in the back then the pants are always showing my crack and I don't like that.

I did need to shorten the length from hip to knee and lengthen from knee to hem to keep the pants proportions correct and to fit me. I also needed to deepen the back crotch seam to take out the bagginess under the butt. And the last thing I did was to make them slightly narrower, they are still a little on the wide leg style but the original width cut from my hip measurement was too wide. I guess that's what happens when your hippy :)

Unfortunately I did not get a picture of me in the muslin pair...
Muslin fabric, the blue lines are the stitching lines.
I used some horseshoe and star cotton fabric from my stash.

Fashion Fabric, gray, slightly metallic cotton/Lycra blend

Lining fabric... another cotton blend found in my fabric stash and smelled like attic so must have come from either my mom's or one of my grandmothers.
I like interesting linings, like a special surprise just for me to enjoy my clothes :)

Front lining pattern, cut with the yoke included, don't need pockets in my lining!

My trusty helper, Baby Blue. Red Bone/Blue tick hound.
She thought it would be a good idea to try and make a 'nest' out of my fashion fabric... she carefully tried pulling it right off the cutting table when I wasn't looking! That stinker.

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  1. Dang! It seems I would have known about this other Blog of yours! I must be getting old. I think your costume was so cool! You really are a sewing maniac! And pants, that's like some of the heardest stuff to sew!


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