Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Halloween Custume 2009 Part One

I started working on the poodle skirt tonight. Hubby went to a drawing class so I had several hours of uninterrupted sewing time. I have to say that even though I really love dressing up for Halloween, I sometimes dread the making of the costume. I mean seriously would you look at that pile of materials... Stuff I don't normally sew with.
The skirt itself is going to be the easy part, it is making the darn petticoat/crinoline to put under it that is a pain in the arse to do. And of course the pattern said you only need 2 yards of tulle for the underskirt, who are they kidding! Maybe if you want some seriously flat and lame poodle skirt. I started off with 9 yards and I will see how that looks. I can always add more if I need it.
Oh well, it will be fun and I will look awesome for the Elekta Halloween Cancer Benefit Bash. That by the way is why I choose to do a pink poodle skirt in the first place... October is Breast Cancer awareness month and the 'official' color is pink. Even the NFL players are wearing pink!

The huge pile of pink fabrics... felt, tulle, netting and sparkly tulle and some lining material.

Fortifications in the form of Scotch and chocolate to mess with all that tulle!

The felt nearly covered the floor in the den!
That is allot of pink.

Going old school for part of the sewing and using the mechanical Necchi.

The Necchi with a ruffler attachment.
Sure was not going to hand gather all that tulle!

Piles of gathered tulle.

First layer pinned on.

That is it for now... I am off to bed! Stay tuned for more on the Poodle Skirt!

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