Sunday, October 18, 2009

Halloween Custume 2009 Part Two: not very successful!

Or maybe just plain HORRIBLE!!
Last Sunday I spent all afternoon working on my Halloween Costume, I was excited to have a big block of time and felt confident that I would get it done and that it would look awesome.... HAH....
I went from Horrible to Horrible take 2 to literally throwing away all that pink felt AND the pattern in to a large black garbage bag. What was I thinking???? or more accurately why wasn't I thinking??? The pattern that I was using was just plain bad and if I had spent a few minutes thinking about what I wanted my finished garment to look like I would have known that and I would have never, ever bought felt. ugh... total brain lapse on my part.

Monday, I spent a little time talking to mom and checking out some pictures in the Internet, I then drafted a new pattern and headed back out to the fabric store.
Take 3 is much, much better! (still not a skirt I would wear in real life but acceptable for a costume!)

Still putting the finishing touches on so you will have to wait for a 'final' pictures in tomorrow's post.


I was actually laughing so hard that I was crying!

Crinoline was way too long...
bad, bad pattern

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