Monday, October 19, 2009

Mom... your jeans are hemmed!

When I was home a couple of weeks ago my mom handed me a pair of jeans that she really looks good in but that were like 3 or 4 inches too long for her petite frame. She asked so nicely if I could pin them up to the correct length and then again so nicely if I could take them home with me because she worried that her sewing machine would severely balk at going through all that denim. So I did, cause I love her and I am a good daughter :)
So mom your jeans are hemmed and they look as good as new. The only difference you will see is on the inside of the hem. I don't own one of those special machines they use with twin needles and twin bobbins... I only have one bobbin thread to catch both top threads. But from the outside no one will ever know!

Before: that was how much shorter they needed to be so first I had to pick out all the twin lines of stitching then cut away the excess and then re-iron it all to the correct length.

Supplies: Denim twin needle and heavy weight thread to match existing thread on jeans.

I spooled out an extra bobbin to use for my thread on the second needle. and then hung the bobbin up behind the machine and thread both threads as if they were one,

I used a piece of soap to make a 'rubbing' of where the inside fold was. This allowed me to accurately line up the double needle to the exact place so I could be sure that it would catch the inner fold correctly.

Inside of hem

outside and all done!
Just need to wipe of the soap line with a damp rag.

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  1. I ran through all your posts on this blog. You've got a lot of sewing projects going on. I'm a fabric addict too. For a few years there, I purchased new fabrics at least once a month until I realized that even if I lived to be 120 years old, I would never have the time to make something out of all that fabric. Fortunately, the websites where I bought my stash raised their prices, convincing me that this addiction had to stop. I've got a notebook filled with ideas for projects I want to do, but it usually takes a year or two just to complete one project thanks to everything else I've got going on. I'm glad you are motivated. I'm following your blog in hopes that you will inspire me to sew more often.


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