Friday, May 1, 2020

Apron Time!! Crossback reversible Apron by Indygo Junction

Happy May everyone. This is going to be another very long month for us in Chicago!

I really wish that it was quite different but it is what it is and we must make the best of it and continue on!

With this corona virus lock-down continuing I decided that I really needed to make an apron. It has been on my sewing to-do list for several years. In fact, a couple years ago I made Aprons for all my family and never made one for me… I think at the time I may have burned out on sewing Aprons!!
Part of the reason I love living in downtown Chicago is that, under normal times, I could run out daily if I wanted to go pick up fresh bread or bakery items. Now, in the times of corona virus that has become difficult or near impossible. (with an underlying condition it is recommended that I have as little contact as possible) 

Being totally spoiled with such lovely fresh baked goodies local to me I decided that I needed to give it a try at home. I realized that I needed an Apron!
I had made this Indygo Junction Crossback Reversible Apron as gifts for my granddaughter’s kindergarten teachers last year and they really liked them. So , I made an awesome one for
me!! I traced mine out in size L/XL and I think it is perfect. It has nice coverage down the front, easy on and off and no worries about it loosening while wearing.  (I had made both a bigger and smaller ones before for others and had tried them on)

I had the perfect fabrics in my collection!  These fabrics really make me happy when I put on my apron!! The Klimt inspired fabric was a gift from The Couture Counsellor for my birthday several years ago and the yellow-green painterly squares are from my collection.

I made two changes to the pattern. The big one was to change up the neckline. I wanted to play with a sweetheart neckline inspired by a Pandemic time online learning Live Video Classes via Zoom with Sarah Veblen. (These are great! Checkthem out on her website!) This sweetheart neckline let me play with a new design feature and just added some fun to the pattern. The other change I made was to use pockets on both sides and I shifted them slightly forward.

I had just enough fabric leftover to make the Princess a matching Apron. 

Overall a fun and easy project that I needed!! Plus, I have been having fun wearing my new apron and baking some new things. I have made soft pretzels that I just love! Lots of low fat protein choc chip cookies and Artisan bread!

Happy Sewing!! Stay Safe!

And Princess Victoria and I want to remind you to Wash Your Hands!!


  1. So pretty! I really need to make myself an apron (or 2! Or 3!). This looks like a good pattern. I've been reluctant to "waste" money on a pattern, thinking I could easily draft one myself. But, as my farmer-uncle used to say, I'm smart enough to be a dentist, but I don't fill my own teeth. I guess I need to break down and buy a pattern!

    Your placement of pockets seems more useful to me, as does placement of pockets on both sides. Your fabric choices and coordination are fabulous, as usual!

    1. Thank you so much Kay! I do like the pattern very much and was a little hesitant on spending the money on it myself. Same thoughts as you!! It took a smidge of getting used to putting on and taking off since it goes over the head and no ties. But now that I have used it a bunch I absolutely love the style!
      Have fun making one of your own!


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