Friday, May 15, 2020

Gelato Top Part 2- Liberty London Cotton Lawn

Since my first top was such a success, I wanted to make an another in a different fabric type and with
some slight changes. I am LOVING this new top. It is cool and comfortable and will be a great spring and summer top.

The second top I made I used a totally different fabric, a liberty cotton lawn that I purchased at Liberty of London in person a couple years ago. The Cotton lawn is crisp and so smooth but much less forgiving than the textured cotton used in the white top.

Part of me was thinking – ‘am I crazy- using a Liberty Cotton Lawn to just see how it behaves?’ and then I thought to myself- why not???? It does not need to be perfect and if it is not perfect I am OKAY with that!! I even added a label to say so!!

From the white to the pink version I lowered and straightened out the front hemline so that it was horizontal to the floor.

I also made a small change to the back width at the armhole. I had a small amount of extra ‘crunkle’ in this area. It is always a challenge to combine fit with wearing ease plus fabric composition. In the cotton lawn I knew this would be a bit more noticeable than in the softer fabric of the white top, hence the need for the small alteration. I also wanted to make sure that I didn't over fit the upper back because of the buttons in the back.

I resisted the temptation to make any other fitting changes! My goal was to have a looser slightly less fitted top and I just needed to remind myself of that. LOL!

All in all, my experiment of applying my skills to a brand new pattern and new to me pattern company was a successful and fun challenge. Are the tops perfect? NOPE and I am okay with that!! And I was okay with that going into the project as well.

As you may see in many of my posts, I like to make sure that the clothes I make are not going to have any wardrobe malfunctions. I like to stay covered when my arms are reaching up (to put luggage in the overhead bin... whenever I can get back to travel!) and also when leaning over. Nothing worse than having to worry about unintentionally flashing people!!

Living in Chicago means I will be sporting a mask for quite some time, especially since I have an underlying condition. SO I figured I would make myself a matching mask. :)

I probably won’t make this top again anytime soon. It has some very distinctive features and having 2 versions in my closet is plenty. Yes, there are a ton of hacks that could be done with this pattern but I already have my base set of patterns that I design off of and those have a much better starting part as far as fit.

Happy Sewing!! Stay Safe!!



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