Friday, May 2, 2014

Star Wars Baby Shower! And Star Wars baby quilt!!

I hosted my daughters baby shower at our house 2 weekends ago! (Jeez!!!! 2 weeks already, how time flys!!)

I figured I better share all the fun stuff we did for the Star Wars themed shower. It was a challenge seeing that she is having a baby girl and Star Wars decorations are pretty much boy themed. We ended up doing a fusion of Star Wars and the nursery colors of purple and coral. 

We had a Saturday afternoon shower started at 1:30 with lots of finger foods, games, onesies decorating, and cake!

Enough talk! Time for the pictures :)

Mommy to -be in the comfy chair with Star Wars balloons!

Fun decorations!

Storm Trooper cheese head

Yodamole :)

Dagobah Swamp juice punch

The BEST cake ever made by my hubby!

Light saber chocolate covered pretzels with Star War key fobs as Thank You gifts.

Onside decorating station set up outside on the deck. So much fun! Stencils, paints and fabric markers.

Decorated onesies hanging to dry. 

Having fun playing games and guessing the size of Mel's belly!

Little Star Wars zippered pouches for prizes for the game winners.

She got a ton of great gifts! However, I am quite partial to the ones I made for her:)

A set of 4 crib sheets

Embroidered bibs

A chenille tummy time blanket.

A pair of hooded towels.

And my favorite! A crib quilt. The colors in the photo above show the true colors of purple and coral. The ones below were taken outside in the bright sun and show up as blue. Even the milky on the back is actually purple.

I love the diamond quilting pattern! The quilting is done with a varigaited coral thread and the back with a matching purple. I think it came out great! It took a long while to come up with a quilt design for a Star Wars themed quilt for a baby girl. Nursery colors of purple and coral helped a bit with the purple. 
I used a quilt pattern called a thousand pyramids. Triangles with randomly interspaced pieced triangles. It was fun to make a quilt for my soon to be here granddaughter!!! I can't wait to meet her!


  1. What a wonderful theme! You did an excellent job transforming what could have been a difficult theme.
    I am very excited for you and your family preparing to welcome a new baby girl.


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