Wednesday, April 16, 2014

I have finally succumbed to Pinterest.... Yes, I am a pinner and I made my First project!

I can't believe I waited this long! Ohhhh, the fun of Pinterest!! The hours of time it can suck from your life, the oodles of great ideas it sends spinning around your brain!!! The overwhelming sense of there is not enough hours in June day to get everything done that I really want to do!

The real story is that during my last surgery I joined Pinterest because it gave me something to do while I was sitting not he couch feeling zombiefied from the pain medication. It is fun and it is a great place to keep ideas all together. And truth be told I'm probably only on there once a week or so.

As my hubby and I were re-decorating our front room and living rooms to bring us into modern times, it was fun to pick out ideas that appealed to me. One of these was the use of vintage doilies. It fit in perfect with the other vintage items we have! And yes that is HGTV property brothers on TV! 

I have a MILLION vintage doilies or maybe even more! I could drap every single surface of my entire house in vintage crocheted goodness if I really wanted to!!! I do ,I do!! But, alas I'm not alone in this house and the hubby has a tight rein over my madness. Bwahahaha... At least that's what he thinks!! 

I did convince him of this fantastic use of vintage doilies as a table runner! I LOVE it, he LOVEs it! Win, win. I was perusing Pinterest for some ideas for a new table runner for our new dining room table and found this idea. I ended up using it for the top of our media center and it looks fantastic especially with the vintage books on them.

This was actually a fairly easy project, the longest part was picking out which doilies to use from the 2 bins of doilies that I have. I picked out probably twice as many, plaid with the placement. Once I had ones that I liked I ironed and starched the heck out of them to help make them slightly more manegable. The last part was attaching them together. Using a small needle and a neutral thread I carefully sewed them all together with small tacking stitches at each spot where they touched. Not hard at all, just time consuming and carefull work. I wanted to make sure that everything stayed nice and flat. The spray starch really helped in this project! Some of those doilies are so delicate and lace like that they just drap like melting butter in your hands!

So my very first Pinterest inspired project! Go me!

Happy Sewing! 

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