Tuesday, May 6, 2014

April 2014 Wrap-Up!

Time has just been getting away from me!! It's already the 6th and as I am getting ready for another work trip it hit me that I haven't done my April wrap-up. So here is a quick post on my April makes, one of them has not been blogged about yet but since I have 2 flights today I plan on rectifying that situation!

April was a busy month! I hosted my daughters Star Wars themed baby shower at home and spent a lot of time preparing for that, I also started back to work travel all while still trying to fit in 3 physical therapy sessions a week! 

I made seven items this month and only one was a garment for me! The rest was either for my daughter, the shower or my soon to be here granddaughter. 

In no particular order of sewing

1. Crib quilt in Star Wars and nursery colors of purple and coral.
2. 25 Star Wars themed key fobs made from left over scraps from both the quilt and the crib sheets. These were Thank You gifts for baby shower guests.
3. Vintage doily runner for the under the TV table, these have all been in my stash for years. (Pinterest idea!)
4. 2 maternity dresses for my daughter, adapted from a top pattern from Megan Nielsen designs.
5. 2 Star Wars zippered pouches as prize giveaways at the baby shower.
6. 2 embroidered towels as a gift (not shown)
7. A sexy evening top for me that was worn to an event, Simpllicity 3956 (to be blogged)

So, what's up for May's agenda???

Well May is MMM Me Made May where you are supposed to pledge to wear only clothes made by you. I did not pledge, some things get to be too time consuming. However, I am fully playing along :) and have been wearing only clothes or at least one item of clothes made by me everyday. I hope to see where my wardrobe is lacking and make a plan. I already know I need to concentrate a little bit on some new work appropriate clothing. I need a new suit and some business casuals. We shall see what else pops up from this little experiment.

Happy Sewing!

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