Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Sewing during Weight Loss: Part 2 Patterns for tops

I have gone through my stash of patterns and have found about 10 or so that I think fit the bill for sewing as I lose weight.

Criteria that I have thought about:

- designs that offer a visual neckline detail. Such as a cowel neck or some type of collar or ruffle. This brings they up the body and takes focus off of areas that are changing. As I lose more weight I doubt that my upper chest area will be changing much. So if the garment is beautifully fitted in that area as I become skinnier it will draw the eye from the less fitted are of the torso up.

A favorite of mine, Sewing Workshops, Stella and Luna tops offer 2 great designs that draw the eye up and look great with jeans or slim fitting pants.

Vogue, 8634 has a great cowl neck with a waist seam. I like view A. Short sleeves to balance, cowl for visual interest to draw the eye up and easy side seams that can be easily altered later.

Simplicity 1945 collection offers a great cowl neckline that pairs great with a skimming cardigan.

Silhouettes #212 Kors Zippered Top offers great neckline detail with zippers.

- designs that visually define a waist line. We all know that a visually defined waistline creates a very pleasing shape and silhouette. This detail can be done with a different fabric, elastic detail and even a belt. So garments that have a defined waistline and ones preferably that can have an adjustable detail are key. I am thinking of casings with an elastic that can be easily altered if necessary.

Vogue 1245 Alicia and Olivia top, Offers visual interest up top plus an elastic waistline that makes for great definition.

Simplicity, 3750. Great waist definition and easy side seams to alter later if needed.

- designs that skim the body. Garments made in light weight fabrics that skim the body can be very pleasing. These can offer a longer wearing time during weight-loss due to the camouflage effect. (I firmly believe that a fitted tailored look is equally slimming looking on a body it is not as forgiving during weight-loss)

Sewing Workshops Ann's Cardigan and Tank offers a nice duo that skim along the body creating a nice silhouette.

Park Bench Patterns, Carolina pines Park offers several interesting tops that can fit this criteria.

This Silhouettes pattern #312 Giorgio's top offers a great peplum detail that if made in a softer fabric will work beautifully.

- designs that visually balance a body. Everyone loses weight differently, just as everyone carries their weight differently depending on their body type. I happen to be classically pear shaped. My upper torso can differ by 2 to 3 sizes smaller than my lower torso. So for me I need to visually balance myself out. This typically means having visual interest up top, on summer garments having a wider strap, cap sleeves or even a short sleeve.

This Simplicity, Cynthia Rowley top in View A. Made with the short sleeves or even with no sleeves since is has a nice wide shoulder seam.

Simplicity 3956 the short and long sleeved versions offer a very nice balanced look. (No spaghetti straps for me!)

As you can see from my pattern examples many of the patterns fit into multiple categories of my criteria! It's all about careful assessment of pattern design and lines, what works for my changing body and body type, as well as careful consideration of the fabric type. Many of the above styles certainly call for a softer more feminine fabric type and less of a structured stiffer fabric.

Happy Sewing! Just finished the Susan Khalje article in Threads # 167 on Fabric shopping in Paris, France...... Let the daydreams commence!!! Someday!

- Posted by Steph from Siouxzeegirl Designs.

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