Thursday, May 23, 2013

Baby gift for baby # 1

I had time this week in the evenings to work on baby gift # 1. I have 3 babies arriving this year and I love to give hand made gifts.

Baby # 1 is coming into this world in July via the fiancé of one of my daughters long term friends! We can not wait! Baby 2 and 3 come later this year in the fall from good friends of ours and from my brother and his fiancé. I'm going to be an Auntie again! This makes me very, very happy.

For Baby #1 I made a set of 3 bibs and burp pads, embroidered on some onesies and am finishing up a quilt. (The quilt will have it's own post later)

The bibs and burp pads are all reversible with one side being patchwork from quilt leftovers and the other side pink terry cloth with some embroidery. I think they came out quite nice.

I embroidered the onesies using colors from the patchwork. This is the first time embroidering on onesies. It was a little tricky getting them on the embroidery hoop. However, once I figured it out I had no issues. The onesie fabric is quite a thin knit so I used a size 75/11 needle and Floriani's no show mesh stabilizer on the back in flesh color. I was worried about the embroidery stitching being scratchy or irritating to the baby's skin so I fused a second piece over the back of the embroidery. On the small embroidery pieces it works just fine but on the bigger one with the name I should have used my appliqué scissors to cut it much closer. Live and learn. It will be interesting to see how it looks on a real baby, the flesh color is supposed to blend in to the skin tone and disappear.

See the patchy look? I'm not happy with it. It is quite soft but I think the onesie fabric is so thin that it really stands out. I'll have to play with this a little more on the next set. Has any else had these issues with embroidery on onesies?

Some more pictures. As you can see below I tried to make them in sets.

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