Sunday, May 5, 2013

Lots of gardening.... Just a little bit of sewing.

This weekend has been so beautiful! I just had to spend time outdoors and working in my gardens. Hours and hours in my gardens and it felt wonderfully good.

All of the bulbs that I planted last fall are blooming beautifully!

There is a new raised flower bed in the front that I planted full of perennials that will bloom spring and summer. I always have to rein myself in and not plant too many! Can't wait to see how it looks when the plants are fully matured.

The new raised flower bed. Had to put my garden fairy in the garden! :)

In the back heavy work was done on the vegetable garden. On my work trip this week I finalized my 'Veggie Garden Plan' for 2013. Today I finished up the last layer of rabbit proofing... If any rabbits get into that garden you may here me screaming from Chicagoland!

My hubby has decided to try an experiment with the tomato plants this year. He put up two trellis' and plans on training the tomatoes on them. Supposed to keep them from being gigantic unwieldy messes.... We shall see how it works.

3/4 of the Veggie garden is planted. Yay!! I just have peas, pole beans, spinach, beets and salad greens left to plant. All seeds.
My knee can only take so much kneeling and my back can only take so much bending when my knee is done so after 4 hours it was time to call it quits for the day.

I was able to get a quilt started. The pieces are all cut and sorted now I just need to get the piecing done.

I also whipped up a set of bar towels for friends of ours who are highly devoted Blackhawks Hockey Fans. They have an awesome bar in their great room and often host hockey parties.

What I reallllly wanted to work on was some garment sewing for me!!!! Maybe this week. On the plus side I have pulled out a bunch of clothes that I have made but had to 'put away' because I had gained too much weight. This week I found that I can fit into many of them. How happy does that make me!!

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