Sunday, May 19, 2013

A non-sewing weekend

I had a wonderful weekend, unfortunately non of it included any sewing time. I'm hoping to rectify that situation this week since I am not traveling anywhere this week for work. Yippee!

Saturday I had a wonderful treat! My Mother's Day gift from my daughter was a mother/daughter date at a local estate winery. We started with a tour of the wine making area, then a wine tasting followed by an amazingly delicious lunch on their outdoor patio. It was a spectacular afternoon spent with my daughter. We left with our 2 favorite bottles of wine that will be great in the summer weather.

Melissa and I at the bar enjoying a glass of wine before our tour.

The de-stemming and washing machine and on the left is the grape crusher for white wines.

The fermenting tanks.

The barrel room this room also had a small table setup for private tastings with the winemaker.

The bottling machine. I think this was one of my favorite parts. I like cool machines.

A view of the orchards and on the left is part of the outdoor dining area where we had a delicious lunch of veal piccata. It was a very lovely afternoon spent with my girl.

Today I spent most of the day gardening with my husband. The weather was perfect for a day out in the garden. I finally planted the rest of my flowers, got the potted herb garden replanted and did some work in the veggie garden. So far no signs of rabbits in the veggie garden!! Here are a couple snapshots of my favorite parts.

Vintage birdcage planted with flowers and hanging in the little bed behind the shed.

The potted herb garden right off the deck from the kitchen.
The oregano, mint and rosemary are all from previous years. The basil, parsley, thyme, cilantro and chives are new additions.

On the deck wall and by the hot tub.

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