Sunday, February 3, 2013

Wedding DIY crafts and other Sunday stuff

Happy Super Bowl Sunday. As of right now it looks like Baltimore is going to win. I'm happy for those routing for Baltimore. As for me... Meh, neither team moves me so no big deal.

My first half of this day SUCKED, big time. I laced awake in bed last night until 4 am and I do not do well with no sleep. I don't think I finally sort of woke up until after 5 pm. The rest of the day I was sort of in zombie land which just makes me feel crappy and cranky.

I was supposed to be at a Super Bowl party but my husband went without me so I could rest. I rested and I also finished up my blue hand beading piece. Still have not completely decided on what to do with it but heavily leaning on turning it into a small bridal purse for my daughter to use in her wedding. She loves it, keeps oohing and ahing over it. It would make me happy for her to use it and it would give her 'something blue'.

I also worked on other wedding crafts while I was parked on the couch! We have found a need for some tags for wedding guests, these will be attached to gift bags that I have made. The general theme of the wedding is vintage travel and going along with that I have taken plain purchased cream colored tags and embellished them with stamps, embossing and inks to give them the vintage one of a kind look that my daughter is going for. The back sides have been distressed and will eventually have guests names on them and on the bottom ticket portion will have the wedding date stamped on them. Then they will be attached with jute string to the bags.

I think it is fair to say that we, my entire little family, is really enjoying the creative side of the wedding. We really all get to put our hands into making various things to make this event be a dream come true for our little girl. I really can't wait to share the entire thing with everyone!!

And Baltimore wins!
I am praying for a good nights sleep!!!

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