Saturday, February 2, 2013

From Montreal for work to HOME for some geeky sewing fun!

I got home late last night from Montreal. I think it was just about midnight when I finally crawled into bed next to my hubby for a blissful night of sleep!

My work trip was jam packed crazy busy schedule but it was very successful and I was grateful to be able to get home last night. Montreal had full on winter weather happening! I think when I flew out it was at 4'F. When I checked in on Thursday afternoon it was overcast but clear and within a couple hours the wind was whipping and not only was the snow coming down but so was the temperature. Brrrrrrrr.... All I can say is thank goodness for cuddle duds under my suit :)

I had some great views out my hotel window in Montreal. I find Montreal to be a very visually interesting city. I love how things reveal themselves between the buildings. For example this beautiful bridge framed between buildings.

And the view of this cathedral from above is beautiful. The colors on the roof bleeding together are great.

Now onto the FUN part......

This morning I attended a seminar on the new Brother V Series machines. It was given by Sharon Taylor, National Brother Educator at Linda Z's Sewing Center.

It was basically a 3 hour show and tell. Sharon, a very engaging speaker, shared her enthusiasm for this new series of machines.
She had a sampling of different examples displayed. I personally identified with several of her examples. Her artistic design felt very similar to mine.

She spent the first half of the seminar going through the new and very cool innovations of the sewing portion of the V series. The second half showed off all the super cool things in embroidery portion of the V series.

The Brother V series has 3 machines; the DreamWeaver XE that does sewing and embroidery, the DreamWeaver, sewing and quilting only machine and the DreamMaker XE which is embroidery only.

I have the DreamMaker XE, embroidery only. I have never had an embroidery machine before and I must be honest that I had a very narrow and limited view of what an embroidery machine was capable of. After spending several hours with Sharon Taylor... I am now very excited about all of the creative possibilities of my new machine.

My friend, who bought her DreamMaker at the same time as me, was so enamored with the DreamWeaver sewing and quilting machine that she traded in her Viking sewing machine for a new DreamWeaver! I think she fell in love with the laser!!

Geeky sewing is a very awesome thing :)

During the break Sharon spent her free time with any of us that had more questions or wanted to see anything more in depth. As an added bonus she was happy to let me take pictures and discuss step by step construction technique. I loved it!

In the example below, she showed us how to make our own appliqué 'puffy' designs using only the machine edit features.

My favorite part was using the laser pointer along with the stylus to line up designs and how to use the included border features to make beautiful borders that looked amazing! I was so enthralled that I forgot to take pictures of her beautiful border examples.
See.... Very geeky!

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Location:Linda Z's Sewing Center, Arlington Heights, IL

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