Tuesday, February 5, 2013

FINALLY.... Enough snow to try out my snow shoes!

I purchased these brand new snow shoes last year and did not get to use them due to lack of snow. Just as I was beginning to despair that they would once again languish in my closet for another year we finally got a couple inches of snow.

Probably not really enough to make a real go at it but enough to try them out and get a good feel for how they work. I headed out at lunch yesterday to one of the local forest preserve parks and was very pleased with them! I could feel my knee afterwards but I never had any of that 'in the moment bad pain'. YES!!!

Hopefully I'll get a couple more outings in them this year.

I managed to grab a couple of pics :)

On the sewing front. I worked on my giant pile of mending. It's almost cleaned out. Which is a really good feeling. 4 pairs of jeans fixed, one sweater mended, one skirt deemed better off dead and recycled and only 1 pair of jeans left to hem. Well worth the couple of hours to get those crossed off my to do list!

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