Sunday, March 4, 2012

Serged Evolution Serger Cover

I had to put a temporary hold on my work on the couture dress. More on that latter. In the mean time, since buying my evolution I have been wanting to make a new cover for it. The limp vinyl cover that came with it was just ugly and IMHO inadequate.

So this week I made a new cover for my new baby.

It is made almost completely on the serger itself, the only part that i did on my sewing machine was the handle area.

I used 1 1/2 Moda Zanzibar charm packs, all pieced on the serger using a 4 thread overlock. I then added a thin iron basted batting and a music note fabric as the lining. I then had some fun! I used added decorative chain stitching to quilt the layers together and added the cutout for the handle. After this was done I added piping to the corners using my cording and piping foot. (also something I have never done using a serger!)

To finish it off I serged the bottom hem with a wide 3 thread overlock with decorative pink thread in the upper looper.

Now my Evolution is sporting some kick ass new threads to keep her cozy and safe from dust!

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