Sunday, March 18, 2012

Busy busy day in the sewing room

My husband worked all day today, he normally does not work on the weekends. I was bummed about it especially since I traveled most of last week and leave again tomorrow!

I did my best to make the m out of it and spent a solid 8 hours in my sewing room, maybe a little bit more. I really needed it! We have this trip to Jamaica coming up quite quickly and I have very little budget to buy new clothes. I am reserving that money for a new bathing suit, I have yet to dive into the territory of making bathing suits. Someday, but not this day!

I am in need of summer/tropical vacation clothes! Today I feel I made good progress.

I finished the ruffle shirt, ended up making the sleeves and then removing them, they looked more like linebacker shoulder pads or some weird such thing. Off they came, honestly I am not so sure how I feel about this shirt. It fits nice and the ruffles give it some interest but the base fabric is just sooooooo.... Outdated, juvenile, country, something. Well, I can be sure that no one else will be walking around in that shirt!

I did a re-fashion non a t-shirt that my husband gave me. He loves to get me cool t- shirts but they need help. I only wear t-shirts when I am exercising or cleaning the house! This one I removed the sleeves, cut off the neckline and made a wide scoop neck. I serged the neckline and the armhole in a contrasting color that was in the print on the front of the shirt, made a little rosette with some leftover fabric from one of the sleeves and added an iron on to the back. cute!! Looks great layered with a tank top.

I made another pair of Peggy Sagers yoga pants. This time as a pair of capris. The fabric was a 4 way stretch woven that i purchased a while ago to make riding breeches. Since I am not riding anymore I decided to use them for this pattern. The fabric is an expensive one that have wonderful qualities and made a super pair of pull-on Capri pants that certainly don't look pull-on!

I cut out another pair of capri pants out of blue linen that I have washed multiple times to get it nice and soft. This pattern is another Peggy Sagers pattern, the Capri Pant, and has a front zip. I eliminated the front pockets and plan on adding a single patch pocket to the left leg and adding a drawstring to the waist and not sewing any darts. For years I had a great pair of linen beach pants and when I broke my leg I cut one leg off to wear with my cast. Now I am on a mission to recreate them. These are all cut out and ready to be sewn.

I also readied a shirt pattern that I want to make from some light weight cotton that I picked up at Mood last Christmas. The pattern is cut, the fabric is washed and dried and I just need to cut the fabric and see it up.

So, as you can see a busy and successful day in my sewing room!

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